Ever Faithful Exotics

perfectly simple, yet beautifully composed



 Welcome to Ever Faithful Exotics! I am a small scale breeder of sugar gliders located in Northern Ohio. I produce beautifully colored sugar gliders such as platinums, mosaics, creme-inos, leucistics, standard greys, white face variations and double and triple hets for all colors. I strive to produce, not only healthy and beautiful gliders, but joeys with the most amazing personalities and temperments as well. A lot of thought, time and traveling all over the US has been put into selectively choosing gliders that I feel have the best lineage, healthiest backgrounds and all-around package prior to breeding.It is my goal to help strengthen the lines of these gliders while also providing wonderful pets & companions. These little guys are a huge part of my family and I hope I can make them a big part of yours too!

Feel free to browse through the site & enjoy some pictures, meet the gliders or see some of the new additions. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. I am here to help you with any questions you have & offer my support to you. It is my pleasure to make sure you have a great & positive experience with us.